Coming really soon a whole new

Too Cool

So what is going on here?

TooCool is under new ownership (for around 5 months now) and things are going on behind the scenes. A new logo is being picked, and layout for the site. A lot of cool (Actually TooCool!) things will be happening here in 2019.

What is the game plan?

TooCool was an award site, however picking the coolest sites on the internet became a very big hassle for a small team.

The new TooCool will have a everyone that wants to on the team! The way it will work is, you will sign up for a free account and be able to submit the coolest things you know of. Each week the moderators will pick a number of these sites to be voted on by the general public, the winner will be the next the next weeks "site of the week" and gain a top spot on the home page. To keep things running smooth no controversial sites or subjects will be allowed.

In the mean time, I've found these items to be TOOCOOL and I use them in my daily life. Please note that these are an affiliate links, using the link costs you nothing extra plus it helps support keeping TooCool alive!

Some other products that are TooCool, these are also affiliate links: